Once your novel is completed, you may feel the hard part is over. After edits, proofing and an outstanding book cover, the finished product is better than you ever believed it could be. There’s just one problem—no one will discover the book’s potential or greatness if they aren’t curious to know more about it. Nine out of the ten readers we polled admitted that even with a fascinating book cover, it’s the synopsis that seals the deal and impels them to purchase.

So how do you summarize your masterpiece in a few paragraphs, yet give it enough pizzazz to drive the sale?  That’s where Synopsis Synergy comes in!

Many can write a synopsis of a few pages or more, but lack the ability to condense it to the industry standard one-pager or proper book jacket length. Others have the ability to do this, but still feel their efforts are lackluster.

Here at Synopsis Synergy, we do the hard work by helping you put the pieces together.

We have a package that fits your every need:


























Proofreading: We will perform a final read of the fully-edited manuscript in order to detect and mark errors to be corrected. ($1.25 per page)

Formatting and Typesetting: We will typeset your eBook or printed manuscript. Fees to be determined on a case to case basis. ($2.00 to $10.00 per page depending upon complexity of requirements)

A 50% deposit is required before any work is performed.  Synopsis Synergy will deliver the finished work to the client once final payment has been received and cleared.

Synopsis Synergy reserves the right to refuse or reject any project(s). A letter explaining the reason the decision was reached will be sent. All monies paid will be promptly refunded (if applicable)

Send us a message to see how we can bring our synergy to your synopsis!


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