Empowerment Speaker

My Mission:

As an empowerment speaker, I believe in sharing my life experiences to teach valuable lessons about faith, forgiveness, and emotional wealth. I have had my share of trying times and heartbreak, but with counseling have learned to use my setbacks as setups for greatness. When we are able to laugh at our pain, we send a signal to our brains there are better things to come. The key to a fruitful life is letting go, and pushing through so you will make it to the other side. The failure is not in falling down; it’s in not having enough courage to get back up again. My mission is to teach others it’s never too late to start over!

Speaking Topics:

Media Training 101 │

How to Captivate any Audience


Image Is Everything │

You Are Your Brand


Big Bodys Rock! │

Body Positive Advocacy/Mentoring


Aptitude Equals Attitude │

Living with a Disability


#StayWoke │

How To Raise An African-American Son


Powerful: I Matter, You Matter│

Surviving Domestic Violence

My Motivation:

After waking from a coma, brought on by a life-threatening illness, I recovered with the loss of one of my most vital faculties. I did not let that loss set me back, nor did I use it as an  excuse  to  be  unsuccessful.   My  passion  is  turning  my dealing process into a healing process. I help others acknowledge their reality, and take responsibility for their future life course.

My Commitment:

Not everyone is a great storyteller. When you are personable and relatable, people tend to receive what you have to say. My speaking engagements are not tailored as “How-to” sessions. Instead, they are “I will” workshops focused on being the best you possible.


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