On The Plus Side: Come Spill THE TEA!

On The Plus Side is ready to spill The Tea!

Dr. Dina Strachan, Margarita Rodriguez, Nigeria Lockley, Afi French, Deborah Franklin, and Janelle Clayton bring us a new web series called The Tea—where books are the topic, and women are the voice.

The Tea will be an intelligent media outlet for people who love reading and talking about books. In addition, each book discussion will open up conversations on a wide range of topics.

The Tea will also release a video series titled, Great Black Books. The series will be comprised of six videos discussing six groundbreaking books that look at colorism and racism from a variety of perspectives. Great Black Books will be hosted by the Black Foxes book club.

The Great Black Books series began in June with the book, The Women Of Brewster Place, and The Blacker The Berry in July. The series will also cover Sula in August, Tumbling in September, Quicksand in October, and Plum Bun in November.

Get your dose of positive and empowering media, and keep the conversations going and growing with The Tea.

Check out their website at www.jointhetea.com. Follow them on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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