Show Your Customers Love on Valentine’s Day!

Customer appreciation is important all year round. This Valentine’s Day, make an extra effort to show your customers love. Here are some tips to help make them feel special:

  1. Create a VIP Program. Use analytics to find your top clients. Send those clients a love note to let them know they are now part of your VIP program. What this program consists of is completely up to you, and depends on the type of business you own. Benefits can include free products, insider information about release dates or upcoming products/services, discounted rates, special promotions, etc.

  2. Introduce Yourself. Say “hello” to new contacts. Give them a call, inbox them, post a direct message, or send an email. Do not make this about a sales pitch. Keep it personal. This is your chance to connect with new prospects. Put your best food forward.

  3. Celebrate Good Times. Observe the anniversary date of when you started working with particular clients, or another date that may be of importance to those clients. Send them a quick note of remembrance, and make sure to thank them for your ongoing relationship.

  4. Reading Is Fundamental. If you are an author, give away free copies of your books as gifts. Personalize it by adding a handwritten note inside the book so your customers know this gesture is meant exclusively for them. If you aren’t an author, purchase books you love, and give those away as free gifts.

  5. A Moment In The Spotlight. If your customers are also business owners, why not showcase them and/or their products? You can include a business profile in your monthly newsletter, on your website, as a social media campaign, etc. This brand of cross promotion will be appreciated, and with any luck reciprocated.

There are numerous ways to show your customers you appreciate them, but the best way is to maintain great customer service. Give love to your customers every day, but make it extra special on Valentine’s Day!

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