On The Plus Side: Cyrus Webb, Let’s Have A Conversation!

Cyrus Webb has been active in the arts since 1999. He has hosted art shows and poetry readings around the United States while also building the Conversations brand. Today, Conversations includes a daily radio show, magazine and nationally-recognized book club.

Outside of the work Webb does for himself, he is also a celebrated publicist for authors, entertainers and businesses who entrust him with the task of getting their message and product noticed.

For over a decade, Cyrus Webb has given the world the conversations with the artists, authors and entertainment industry professions that the public can’t get enough of.

Host Cyrus Webb introduces you to movers and shakers around the world who are living their dreams, overcoming challenges, and showing others what is possible for them as well.

On The Plus Side sat down with Cyrus Webb, and had a very informative Conversation.

OTPS: Tell us a little about Mississippi native, Cyrus Webb.

Cyrus: To me, Cyrus Webb is just a country boy that has been able to walk daily in his God-given gifts and purpose. I look at my life every day, and know that I have not done this in my own power. That is what keeps me so thankful and appreciative of each and every opportunity, including this interview with you.

OTPS: You started in this industry over a decade ago. How did you begin with book reviews?

Cyrus: I honestly have always written my thoughts about books I had read, even when I was in high school in spiral notebooks. I like to share, and with books there are so many things I have learned and appreciated that I think others will enjoy as well. That’s really what led me to share them online, and in the pages of our magazine. There are so many books that might not get the attention they deserve, and I want to help with that.

OTPS: You went from a casual reviewer to one of the top 500 Amazon.com reviewers. How are you handling the influx of review requests due to your Amazon.com standing?

Cyrus: It is really humbling, Michelle. Thankfully, I am a big nerd, and plan pretty much my entire day. I make time daily to read, try new products, and then commit at least thirty minutes a day writing and sharing reviews. I take it seriously, especially because now so many brands want me to represent and help promote their products. I want to make sure I am being honest about my experience, and what the consumer’s expectations should be.

OTPS: What advice can you give to authors looking to secure a book review from a casual reviewer to a more distinguished reviewer as yourself?

Cyrus: I think the main thing is to know who the person is. One of the most frustrating things for me, and I know other reviewers, is an author not researching the reviewer and their work before contacting them. Know what we read and are looking for. A lot of times it is right on our Amazon profile. Also don’t try to rush reviews. I have personally written over 3,700 reviews of products for Amazon. This takes time, and the author should be aware that if they want an honest review the person has to read it and have time to do that.

OTPS: How did the Conversations LIVE radio show come to be?

Cyrus: Conversations LIVE has probably been one of the biggest and honestly unexpected blessings of my life. I never intended to have a radio show. That is the honest truth. I’m a guy who didn’t even go to college, let alone to school for broadcasting. It began in 2003 when I was doing a speaking engagement and I was approached with the opportunity. I went into it not knowing what I was doing, and that probably worked to my advantage. I realized very early on that the show was less about me, and more about sharing great stories. That has been my goal for the past 13 ½ years.

OTPS: You’ve interviewed countless celebrity guests, authors, musicians, singers, and the list goes on. How do you decide who will be on the show?

Cyrus: That’s a great question, Michelle, and one I don’t think people always appreciate. There are many guests I turn down because I don’t feel as though their vibe is right for me or the show, or if honestly they have a perspective I don’t feel comfortable with, and honestly don’t want to give a platform to. I look for individuals who have accomplished something, have learned from mistakes and challenges like I have, and have come out on the other side better off.

OTPS: How have you been so successful in securing so many newsworthy individuals?

Cyrus: I think it has been the work I have put in. These days over 70% of the guests I interview come to me, either directly or through their representatives. That’s a humbling thing. I’ve gone from interviewing fifty guests a year to upwards of 800+ a year. This is done through online affiliates as well as terrestrial stations. For sure the reach of the show has been another reason why guests want to be a part of it.

OTPS: This year, you joined Charles Mattocks Productions as the President of Marketing. How did that come to be, and what are some of your duties?

Cyrus: I had been introduced to Charles some four years ago as a guest on my program. We have stayed in touch, and his work that he has done to educate and inspire others has always been something I’ve supported. I had no idea that he had been keeping up with my work, too. This year when he was assembling his team for his production company, and the upcoming reality show featuring Diabetics, he reached out to me to help with the promotion and interviewing of those involved. We are also starting a podcast for his production company that I will be hosting. It’s really exciting times right now for the two of us.

OTPS: In addition to being a media personality, top 500 Amazon.com reviewer, radio show host, book club founder, Conversations’ brand ambassador, magazine founder, media coach, etc., you are also an author. Please tell us about your inspirational book, Words I Choose To Live By.

Cyrus: Words I Choose To Live By really shares with the world some of the mantras that have helped me do what I have done. Writing down thoughts and reflections, and then sharing them with the world was something I did because I wanted to inspire others. I was thankful to Bonita and Hodge Publishing company for publishing the book, and it has found readers literally around the world.

OTPS: What else can we expect from Cyrus Webb?

Cyrus: At the end of May, I am releasing my next inspirational book, Words They Choose To Live By. This book features thirty-five movers and shakers from around the world, and what has inspired them on their path to success. Other than that, I will just continue the work of Conversations, striving to feed our audience’s love of life each and every day.

OTPS: Please tell our readers how they can contact and/or follow you.

Cyrus: Thanks again for the great opportunity! I can be reached through my website at www.cyruswebb.com, and through social media on Twitter at @cyruswebb, Facebook at www.facebook.com/cyruswebb and Instagram at www.instagram.com/cyruswebbpresents.

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