L.U.V. The One You're With

We are taught at a young age love is a goal we must attain. We read the fairy tales, and watched the movies where the damsel in distress was rescued by the charming prince, and they lived happily ever after. Each night, we secretly prayed the man of our dreams would come along, and sweep us off of our feet.

Relationships are not as carefree as they appear in books, and on the big screen. Real relationships take work. The basis of love is compromise, plus a concerted effort to keep one’s significant other happy and satisfied.

With age comes wisdom, and a better understanding that the key to love is L.U.V.

L = Listen. When your partner bares their heart, the best thing you can do is give them your undivided attention. Turn off the TV, set your phone to silent mode, look them in their eyes, and hear what they are saying to you. It’s never easy to discuss one’s fears and/or feelings. Listen with your heart, and try to stay impartial so your own emotions don’t take over. Listening is one of the basic steps to a long-lasting relationship.

U = Understand. Many partners are so busy formulating their own thoughts and interjections, they don’t spend a lot of time actually listening to what their mate is trying to convey. Communication is important, but comprehension is crucial. Open and honest discussions eliminate misunderstandings. Set up date nights, or specific days and times when the two of you can converse about any issues that may threaten your relationship. Make sure you each walk away with a clear understanding of what the other has shared.

V = Validate. When in love, we tend to seek validation from our significant other. We want to feel desired, and we look to our mate to show us our worth. It’s important your mate knows your love is unconditional. Help them overcome their fears, and reinforce your dedication to them. Treat them with respect, and support them unreservedly.

Healthy relationships blossom when couples go the extra mile to ensure their bond endures the test of time. Once the honeymoon phase is over, it’s not easy to keep up that same momentum. However, it is worth it. Remain focused and committed, and be certain to L.U.V. the one you’re with.

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