A Gift For Daddy

As much as men try to shield their hearts from women, they are emotional creatures. Just as women like to be pampered, men do, too. On this Father’s Day, make sure he knows he is wanted and desirable. Put the babies to bed, or leave them with Grandma, and turn up the romance. Remember, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a great time. Here are some ideas for a sexy evening on a budget.

Feed Him. You have two choices—either cook with him, or cook for him. Since this is his day, I would suggest the latter. Prepare all of his favorite foods. Add candles and music to set the mood. Be sure the conversation stays light, flirty, and full of compliments. Dessert should consist of something sexy (whipped cream never gets old!). If you don’t do your best work in the kitchen, ask a friend to assist, or order out. It’s not what you serve; it’s how you serve it. A sexy maid’s outfit, or an apron with nothing under it, could be the cherry on top.

Bathe Him. As women, we know how good it feels to relax in a long, hot milk bath. Why not do the same for him? Draw him a warm bubble bath. Then dim the lights, soap up the body sponge, and cleanse him from head to toe. Take extra care in that special area, and treat him like the king he is. Find the fluffiest towel you have to dry him off from head to toe. Top it off with sexy silk boxers, or a new pair of cotton pajamas.

Massage Him. Help him relieve tension by administering a nice full body massage. Make sure you set the mood with dim lights, music and candles. The room should also be warm and cozy. Keep the conversation to a minimum. Choose a body oil that is right for the mood you are trying to set. Lavender oil – for relaxation; Ylang ylang oil – an alleged aphrodisiac; Patchouli oil – earthy, musky, helps focus; Jasmine oil – another alleged aphrodisiac; Sandalwood oil – for improved libido; Cardamom oil – increases intimacy; Juniper oil – promotes self-assurance; Ginger oil – spicy and hot for romance; or Rose oil – another for romance.[1] Tip: Do not use baby oil, because it doesn’t absorb. Now warm the oil by rubbing it in the palms of your hands, and then get to kneading. Use long, smooth strokes to work the tension from his body. Gently massage shoulders, back, buttocks, back of legs and feet.

Where you end up from there is totally up to where the mood takes the two of you. Keep it sensual, and have fun. Your mission on this Father’s Day is to show your love and appreciation. Focus on his happiness, and let your actions speak volumes!


1 http://www.care2.com/greenliving/best-essential-oils-for-love.html

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