A Woman's Worth Conference

A Woman's Worth Conference & Celebration (AWWCon15) took place on Saturday, March 28, 2015, in Laurel, MD. I attended in the capacity of a SHEpHERd, a woman who would “help guide, encourage, build and support” my fellow sisters. The conference was touted as an event to “re-establish the power and self-esteem of women in six core areas.”


Fila Antwine of Fila Antwine Personal Development shared her personal experience with men. She explained how she fell in love with a man, and became pregnant by him. What should have been the happiest time of her life became the most trying. She discovered her man was leading a double life, and had a second baby on the way. Fila has since taken that experience, and turned it into her life’s work. She is now a personal development strategist and relationship expert. Antwine encouraged the women in the audience not to settle, and to insist that the men in their lives live up to the women’s expectations.


Robin R. Haynes of Understanding Finances shared budgeting and financial strategies for everyday living. Though many live beyond their means, Haynes cautioned the audience to stay in their lane. She explained the difference between financial needs and wants, and gave spending and saving advice to help balance out the two. Haynes successfully imparted lifelong financial advice that will place many on the right track to a well-financed retirement.

Mental Health.

Tonie Restrepo of Soul Prosperity Institute cautioned the audience to change their way of thinking in order to transform their lives. Restrepo is the pastor of Wholly Christian Ministries International, and is a certified Christian Life Coach. Her practical approach to reinventing your life was enlightening and inspiring. Her words evoked a call to action. She challenged us to become better people by first understanding our true worth.


Sharmetra Pittman of Love Life Enterprises spoke on the challenges of being the mother of teenage daughters. She has taken her real life experiences to help mothers restore their connections to their daughters. Pittman shared four essential keys to unlocking barriers using the acronym B.O.N.D.—B is for Bonding, O is for Ongoing Communication, N is for a Nurturing Spirit, and D is for Dedication.


Delayna K. Watkins of Total Woman Wellness shared insight on the effect fear has on wellness. Using three distinct personalities, she also revealed how each of us thought about our health, and whether or not we prioritized it. Watkins informed us it is never too late to reset your weight loss goals, energy and stress levels, or your health. When it comes to wellness, she urged the audience to be positive, proactive, and progressive.


Sherrell Johnson specializes in makeup artistry. She demonstrated how makeup can have an average woman look just as good, if not better, than an actual model. Johnson also advised who you are on the inside shows on the outside, so be mindful of ugly behavior. She gave a few tips on achieving an everyday look, and boosting one’s confidence. Johnson’s makeup was flawless, and as a new mother-to-be, her words of advice were just as dazzling as her appearance.

Shannon Baylor-Henderson received overwhelming praise and appreciation for an incredible event. As the Executive Director and Organizer of AWWCon15, she did an amazing job. The speakers were inspiring, the male panel was educational, and the information gathered was priceless. I enjoyed networking with the diverse group of ladies, and would recommend this event to any woman looking to enrich her mind, body, or soul.

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