5 Reasons Plus-Size Women Will Be More Successful in 2015

If recent headlines are any indication of a shift in the tide, there is no question everything plus-size is becoming more mainstream. From Old Navy adding full-figured models to their website, to Tess Holliday, the size 22 model who scored a major contract, everyone seems to be jumping on the plus-size bandwagon.

March is Women’s History Month and this year’s theme is “Weaving the Stories of Women’s Lives.” Since plus-size women are making headlines today, I’m certain many more will share that spotlight in days to come. Here’s why I believe they will be more successful in 2015.

To Thine Own Self Be True.

No one tells themself the truth like a woman. It’s not a jaded truth; it’s a no-holds barred assessment. From their looks, to their relationship, to their job performance, women are conscious of their flaws, and work overtime to correct them. Plus-size women counter the big girl stereotypes by being brutally honest with themselves, and to others. Their size doesn’t hold them back, because they are not focused on their weight. They are focused on commitment, advancement, and prosperity. They respond to negativity with capability.

Look On The Bright Side.

No matter what life hands you, the secret to success is to stay optimistic. The bleaker things appear, the harder you must work to persevere. Curvy women are often told they cannot achieve certain things based on their looks alone. If they let the toxic thinking of others influence them, they would never succeed. The accomplishments of Oprah Winfrey, Gabourey Sidibe, Mo’Nique, Queen Latifah, Shonda Rhimes, and countless others substantiate the power of positive thinking. These curvy women proved the naysayers wrong, and have become dominant forces in their respective industries.

To Each His Own.

Each successful person is different. They did what they wanted, how they wanted, and it worked for them. If you can find a niche and fill it doing something you love, then you are well on your way. Plus-size women have to own who they are, and the decisions they make. They must use their failures as stepping stones, and not be afraid to try again. Many people accept the industry assumption that plus-size does not equate to proceeds. They fear backlash if their brand is associated with full-figured women. Plus-size women are here to dispel the rumors, and prove their skills are extremely profitable.

Keep Both Feet Planted Firmly On The Ground.

Plus-size women are able to adapt and perform in myriad situations. They are often quick-thinkers and great strategists. These qualities are advantageous in the business world. Women are also practical thinkers, so conflict resolution and problem solving are inherent to many. At times, plus-size women must go that extra mile to prove themselves. They can’t allow other people or external forces to guide their steps. They have to step out on faith, and believe what they are doing is the right thing. Learning to listen to their gut is part of the secret to their success.

May I Be Of Service?

Philanthropy is not solely a monetary endeavor. Charity also comes from doing the unexpected, and making others happy. The plus-size women I’ve encountered tend to be pleasant, practical, and persuasive. They’re eager to lend a helping hand, and support people and causes they strongly believe in. Recent surveys from the Women’s Philanthropy Institute have shown a staggering increase in the pursuit of female philanthropists. With stories about plus-size women in fashion and entertainment becoming progressively more prevalent in the news, full-figured women will definitely bring something extra to the table.

If we are to continue “Weaving the Stories of Women’s Lives,” we must first exhibit the standard. Be a person who not only loves people, but one people will love in return. Live outside society’s confinements, and don’t allow your greatness to be contained. With any luck, media will one day drop the word “plus-size” from their stories, and focus more on the women behind the headlines.

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