New Year, New You: The Best Is Yet To Come

When the holidays roll around, people tend to think about resolutions. Many compose lists that concentrate on the physical. This year, I challenge you to focus on the mental. Here are five tips to help you upgrade to a more positive mindset, which leads to a more fulfilling and fruitful life.

1. Stop Being A Negative Nellie.

There is nothing wrong with looking on the bright side of every situation. Take a moment and make a mental note of the good things that happened each day. Determine what about those particular moments made you feel good. After a few weeks, you will begin to see a recurring theme. Use that knowledge to understand your pleasure principles.

2. Plan Your Future.

Successful people don’t make it to the top by accident. They have mapped and planned their success from the very beginning. Purchase a 2015 planner/calendar, and keep track of all your important dates and events. Make a weekly “To Do” list, and stick to it. Know your objectives each day, and work towards completing as many as you can.

3. Let Go Of Your Past

You cannot move forward, if you are always looking back. When you hold onto resentment, you only hurt yourself. If you choose not to forgive, you prevent yourself from moving forward and away from old patterns. Believe in your purpose, and know holding on holds you back from that purpose. Every day is an opportunity to begin again.

4. Embrace Your Failures.

No one is perfect. Everyone has faced disappointment, or has faltered in their life. What separates failures from successes is the ability to get up, brush yourself off, and try again. Take a candid look at your failures, and make every effort to learn from them. Understand that failure is never final, unless you choose to give up. You can turn your life around, choose a different path, embrace new ideas, and seek outside wisdom and motivation. Embrace the fact that we can have everything we want in life, just not all at the same time.

5. Be A Better Person.

On the road to success, we sometimes forget to focus on how we treat ourselves and those around us. Take stock of how you behave, and figure out ways you can improve that behavior. Now, make the necessary changes. The first step is to learn to love yourself. You cannot treat others well, if you don’t treat yourself well. Learn to control your anger and jealousy, and begin to practice empathy. Most importantly, be more appreciative. People who are grateful are less stressed, extremely optimistic, and much more successful.

Here’s to a positive, practical and prosperous 2015!

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