Eat, Drink and be MERRY!

Do holiday parties make you feel like the Grinch just because you’re afraid of packing on the pounds? The key to partying wiser is to eat, drink and be MERRY!


There is more to the party than the food. Mingle and network. Cozy up to the other guests, take the time to thank the host and/or hostess, and join the conversations. Talking with others is a great food diversion.

Eat before your arrive

Do not arrive hungry. Have a hearty lunch or a quick snack beforehand. Another tip is to drink lots of water. Water is a quick filler upper, and will help you eat less.

Ration yourself

Eat smaller helpings. Spread your servings over the time span of the party. Don’t overeat in the beginning, and then continue to pick until the end. Eat sparingly throughout, and stay in control of your portions.

Right of refusal

You have the right to refuse food. You don’t have to eat everything that is offered to you. You can politely decline by saying “I’m full,” or “I’m taking a break.” Your hosts will understand.

Yuletide spirits

Watch your alcohol intake. Alcohol consumption increases your appetite. Alcohol does not only translate to belly fat, but drinking irresponsibly equates to eating irresponsibly. Avoid overindulging in both areas.

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