How YOU Doin'?

Say what you want about Rasputia Latimore, but she had the attitude required to make it in a “Thin is in” world. When she was a young girl, she staked her claim and later convinced Norbit Rice to be her husband. Okay FINE! She didn’t exactly convince him, it was more like forced him, but you catch my drift. In this life, you can’t wait for good things to happen to you. Sometimes, you have to go out on a limb and go after what you want.

One very important lesson I learned from watching Rasputia is confidence is key. If you don’t love yourself just the way you are, how can you expect someone else to love you? If you believe you’re fat, unattractive, worthless, etc.—that is exactly the same perception you will give to others. It’s time to turn all that negative energy into something positive, and attract the type of man you’ve been searching for.

The first step is to change your attitude towards the world, and become comfortable in your big, bold and beautiful skin. However you feel inside says a lot about you, and also shows on the outside. Therefore, you must always make sure you at least look approachable. Be very conscious of your body language; uncross your arms when standing, look people in their eyes when conversing with them, walk with your head high and with good posture. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to smile—it’s infectious and it’s a gateway to dialogue.

These gestures may seem small, but they not only garner results—they are also confidence and self-esteem boosters. Besides if all else fails, you can always just walk right up to the man of your dreams and follow in Rasputia’s footsteps…

10-Year-Old Rasputia: …You got a girlfriend, Nesbitt?

9-Year-Old Norbit: Uh, Norbit. No...

10-Year-Old Rasputia: Well, you do now. Get your ass up and hold my hand.

9-Year-Old Norbit: Okay.

10-Year-Old Rasputiaa: How YOU doin’?

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