One Size Does Not Fit All (In Honor of National Poetry Month)

I saw that little sign in the window of that store

And I knew right then and there, I’d be their customer no more

You can’t just place me on a rack

You cannot tag me and set a price

You can’t believe that what fits her is gonna fit me just as nice

We do not share the same beliefs

She ain’t a member of my tribe

She shops a four to midnight shift while I am working nine to five

She has three kids, a dog named Jake

A husband, nanny and a snake

I’m teetering on the poverty line

Hiding in my shower for quiet time

How dare you claim to know the worth

Behind the fullness of my girth

And tape a sign above your plants

About these amazing tops and pants

That will stretch from zero to eighteen

Fit any size, including size unseen

Short and stocky, tall not leanB

ig and thick plus others in between

Pentecostal, Jehovah’s child

Methodist, Catholic, all the while

I see you snicker when I choose one

Thinking “weight, yeah she can lose some

‘Cause those there ain’t gonna fit

Not ’round that belly nor those hips”

I guess the fine print I ignored

“Fat people ain’t wanted here no more”

That’s what I read, not what it said

But subliminal swims through my head

It made me mad but made me strong

‘Cause it’s something I knew all along

My size does not define me

And your labels serve to remind me

I’d rather be the opposite of those of y’all

Who live the lie of one size fits all…

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