Big Body's Basics for Success in 2014

As December 31st approaches, I always reflect on all that transpired in the past year and what changes I look to make for the new one. I’ve come to realize I now live by the phrase, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” So this year, instead of making resolutions, I’m formulating success strategies.

Here are Big Body’s Basics for Success in 2014:

Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone:

If you continuously do what’s safe and refuse to take chances, you will never grow or develop in your personal or professional life. Take that extra step, tackle a new challenge, maintain stricter deadlines—whatever will increase your skills and reveal your actual abilities.

Recognize that Your Time is Important:

Figure out what you spend your time doing on a daily basis and then streamline those patterns. Time management is key. Prioritize your tasks based on what will bring you closer to accomplishing your goal. Learn to work without interruption. Close and lock your door, sign out of social media sites, turn off the radio and/or television, and put your cell/house phone on silent mode.

Set Reachable Financial Goals:

Determine your personal and professional objectives, calculate what it will cost to reach them and figure out how much you’ll need to save each month to fulfill them. Be certain that you do not overextend yourself by creating an unrealistic budget that you cannot meet. Be strict and smart about saving, and your goals will be met successfully.

Expand Your Reach:

For those looking to promote a business, traditional marketing can be quite expensive. With the growth of internet usage, online efforts are more economical and help to build awareness about your brand. Know your target audience and go where they are. Make yourself more visible and available to them. Update your website regularly, make sure all links and online forms work accurately, and revamp your social media strategies.

Master Your Strengths, Delegate Your Weaknesses:

Stop spreading yourself so thin—you cannot be all things to all people, and you cannot do everything on your own. Focus on your strengths and find qualified people to handle your weaknesses. If you are great with finances, but can use some assistance with organization, hire someone who specializes in this field. The key to success is placing the most qualified people in the right position. If you are not the most qualified, step down and let someone else take on the responsibility. The best leaders are those who can delegate power and motivate achievement.


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