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Brenda Jones is a plus-size beauty with a no-nonsense attitude. After being married to John for over ten years, she yearned for something new and exciting. Her wish came true when Kevin Baker was hired by her firm. Their harmless flirting soon developed into a whirlwind affair. Though Brenda is committed to living out her sexual fantasies with Kevin, she would never allow their fling to jeopardize her financial security with John.

Kim Baker is thick, sexy, naïve and completely enamored with her husband, Kevin. While there is nothing Kim wouldn’t do to keep their love alive, Kevin behaves as if their union is a sham. His long nights at the office and disparaging remarks about her weight gain, have left Kim feeling unappreciated and vulnerable. His neglect is the reason Kim welcomed John’s advances when car trouble led to their blossoming friendship.

Stephanie Brown is Brenda’s new assistant. When she meets Kevin, their chemistry is undeniable. Brenda is unnerved, and sets a plan in motion to thwart their attraction to the other. Since Brenda is married, Stephanie disregards her interference and actively pursues Kevin.

Fate brings them all together to teach one important lesson … In the game of love, the things you take for granted, are the things someone else is silently praying for.

Me & Mrs. Jones - Part 1