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Take Your

Power Back

With Empowerment Coach Michelle Cuttino

"I help empower women by coaching them and guiding them to take their power back, and to give themselves permission to love again--starting with love of self."

My clients are successful in rewriting their differing relationship rules of engagement as they learn how to create and cultivate the love they deserve.

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Master Life & Empowerment Coaching



I'll help you realign with what you love and what inspires you so you can live a life of purpose



Let me help you rebuild your self-confidence, and Reclaim Your Happiness,



Let me help you peel back the layers and transform into the best YOU possible



Let's uncover what you really want out of life, and make a plan for you to achieve it.



Let me teach you the key formulas that grant you access to change and achievement.

Why Work With Me?

Of the many things that could go wrong in any given relationship, how many could you relate to? Have you ever been:

  • lied to

  • cheated on

  • shut out

  • emotionally manipulated

  • verbally or physically abused

  • reduced to walking on eggshells

  • betrayed

  • gossiped about or criticized

  • called out of your name

  • defrauded

  • bullied

  • all of the above


The bad news is you’re not alone. The good news is you can make changes today that will ensure you will no longer be victimized. I know it sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t.

Like you, I’ve been through some pretty rough patches in my relationships, and I placed the blame solely on the other parties. It wasn’t until I took a cold, hard look at my circumstances that I realized there was one debilitating factor in all of those scenarios—ME! I had to do some pretty deep soul searching in order to shift my mindset and change my outcomes. I had to embrace the fact that I was part of the problem, and my unaddressed resentment became toxic.

I’ve already done the necessary work. I can now guide you towards pain-free relationships, and show you the shortcut to happiness. Better than that, I want to get you started for FREE! You heard me right, let’s start you on the road to happiness for FREE!

I can help you:

  • Get clarity on whatever’s keeping you from the life you want

  • Overcome what’s holding you back

  • Focus on the YOU Dynamic

  • Let go of what “Should” be

  • Transform your relationships

  • Rediscover yourself

Today, I'm offering up something quite special… An opportunity to grab onto an  empowerment lifeline, that will help you transform the challenging areas of your life.


Book your FREE consultation session today, and let me show you how WE can change your narrative, rebuild your self-confidence, and #ReclaimYourHappiness! 

Here's How It Works

Schedule a Consultation 

The first step is to schedule a consultation so I can perform an assessment of your needs.

I'll Assess Your Needs and Make Recommendations on How I Can Help

Once you schedule your assessment we'll meet for 45 minutes so I can make my professional recommendations on how I can help.

Choose Your Coaching Option

After I've conducted the formal assessment during our initial call I'll provide you with the best options to help you accomplish your goals.  We'll agree together, and work towards your goals together. 

Use the calendar below to book a date and time that works best for you.