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The Secrets to Happiness

Welcome to the Happiness & Healing Coaching Program!

The Happiness & Healing Coaching program explores the 6 layers of limitation that impedes your healing and obstructs your happiness.

In this coaching program, you'll learn:

  • how other people's beliefs and desires affect your own.

  • how to eliminate unwanted parts of your identity.

  • how time affects happiness.

  • how to free yourself of negative patterns.

  • solutions to help you control your emotions and create happiness in any moment.


With newfound awareness, you can develop better coping skills for day-to-day stressors and make decisions that bring you happiness and success in life.


During this process, we’ll peel the external layers off in order to uncover your internal happiness!

The full 90-day program includes the following components (and more):

  • 12 weekly coaching sessions.

  • Email and chat support between coaching sessions.

  • Assessment interview / Discovery session.

  • Short- and long-term goal setting.

  • Coaching workbook (ebook or Print).

  • Email reminders for the next steps.

  • Monthly accountability checklist and written report.

Book your FREE 30-Minute Ready For Change consultation session today, and let me show you how we can unpack your past, refocus your present, and reclaim your future!

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