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I have experienced every toxic scenario there is when it comes to relationships, and I'm still standing and optimistic. I've learned the secrets to an easy exit, a relationship reconciliation, or picking up the pieces after a breakup, and I'm here to help you reclaim your happiness and get your power back. Parting ways or starting over is hard to do, but staying in a love-challenged, unsuccessful relationship is even harder! 

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Michelle Cuttino is known as  the Unsuccessful Relationship Guru, and serves as an empowerment coach, motivational speaker, talk show host, brand strategist and body positive advocate.


Michelle is a certified master life coach who also holds certifications in professional life, life purpose, goal success and happiness life coaching.


After waking from a coma, brought on by a life-threatening illness, she recovered with the loss of one of her most vital faculties. 

Michelle did not let that loss set her back, nor did she use it as an excuse to be unsuccessful. Instead, her setback became her catalyst to propel her from victim to victor—and she started living life on her own terms. She became a life coach to help others do the same.

In 2020, she founded Happiness in Healing Coaching to motivate individuals towards their purpose. Witnessing the damaging effects the Covid-19 pandemic had on relationships, employment, parenting, and mental health as a whole, she embarked on an empowerment mission. Being the go-to advisor for many during those dark days, her goal became clear—to help individuals do damage control in their own lives and put a positive spin on their existence.


Drawing from personal experiences with depression, failed relationships, single parenthood, drug and alcohol abuse, and the unrealistic standards of societal beauty, she uses her platform to inspire confidence, self-worth and self-love in individuals. Having participated in many growth mindset and advocacy programs, she’s determined to help others turn their dealing process into a healing process.


Living her best life unapologetically and placing family over everything are her motivating factors for happiness. With life coaching, Michelle has an opportunity to give back and support her clients in discovering their WHY, and making a worthwhile investment in themselves. The result is priceless!

You must place a higher value on yourself, and not allow anyone to devalue you. Whether it’s your significant other, friend, or family member, it doesn’t matter. You are worthy and you deserve happiness!

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